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Xantus Drinksafe

Drink Cover - Sticker

Drink Cover - Sticker

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We want YOU to get home safely!

The Xantus Drink Cover Sticker prevents someone from simply putting knockout drops in your drink

✅ Effective protection

✅ Reuse each sticker 10 times

✅ Transparent

✅ Easy to use

Each pack contains 10 stickers

Each sticker is transparent, 12 x 12cm in size, Xantus logo in silver and has a hole for the straw.

Each sticker has a strong adhesive and can be reused up to 10 times

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Come home safely

We want you to always be able to take care of yourself and your drink.

Xantus is the world leader in providing you with the best products to party safely

Check your drink - Cover it - Test your alcohol level

If you have a bad feeling when partying....

  • Erkennst du alle Drink Cover?

    Sie sind beinahe unsichtbar....

  • Vally

    As I've already had experience with knockout drops myself, I can finally go out partying again with peace of mind. Somehow I just feel safer.

    dm reviews 
  • Sebastian

    Excellent product that works brilliantly. I can warmly recommend it to everyone!!!

  • Askild

    Ich war in einem Club in Mexiko feiern und ich hatte meistens ein Auge auf mein Getränk. Spontan beschloss ich mal zu testen. Der Test wurde blau!! Ich konnte nicht glauben, dass es jemand geschafft hat mir KO Tropfen rein zu machen, obwohl ich eigentlich vorsichtig war. Ich kann das Xantus-Armband zu 100% empfehlen.

  • Coliralu

    I bought the Drink Check wristbands for my daughter, she feels safer since then and the wristbands are a deterrent from the outset.
    Her friends have also bought the wristbands.

    dm reviews 
  • Charlie

    Meine Tochter Emily hatte das Armband auf einer Party dabei. Sie hatte ein ungutes Gefühl und testete - der Drink war positiv auf KO Tropfen! Es hätte Gott weiß was passieren können...

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