KO Tropfen - alles was du wissen musst

KO drops - everything you need to know

KO drops:
KO drops are put into a person's drink to knock them out and render them unconscious.
Typical symptoms are dizziness, fatigue, loss of control and a film rupture.

In 2000, the manufacturer responded by making the pill green with a blue centre, dissolving it in drinks in chunks and adding bitters.
Since then, roofies have been out of fashion.

❓ Did you know?
According to a US study, 56% of women and 44% of men have had experience with KO drops.

37% of respondents have experienced KO drops several times.

The police regularly warn of assaults and the number of cases is increasing across the country - especially the use of GHB.

💊 GHB - the drug of choice
Since around 2010, the drug GHB has become the most popular KO-drop substance.
GHB has no taste, no colour and cannot be detected by the senses in drinks.

GHB makes you feel like you are "very drunk" - then you lose control and have a film rupture.

Because of its stimulating effect, it is a common and popular party drug at raves, festivals, house parties and clubs.
Some users even substitute GHB for alcohol because it has a similar effect, is cheaper and doesn't cause headaches the next day.

Overview: KO Drops Substances
In theory, many substances are suitable for use as KO drops. If you look at them closely, you will find that they are very different. In particular, the taste, the symptoms and the onset of action are the distinguishing features.



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